Traditional Life and Handicrafts in Trabzon
Being open towards other cultures and religions plays a significant role in life styles of people of Trabzo. Muslims and Christians lived together in the past as well as today, making the city a proud heir to a rich cultural heritage. Folklore is still a living tradition in Trabzon and the Black Sea Region.
Trabzon's Cuisine
Traditional cuisine in the city is quite rich, and the anchovy forms the basic for many of the dishes peculiar to the region. Soups, salads, pilafs and even desserts are made of anchovy.
Accommodation Facilities
Facility Name *  Telephone Web Site Zorlu Grand Hotel 5 Star +90 462 326 84 00 Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Trabzon 5 Star +90 462 335 30 30 DoubleTree by Hilton Trabzon 5 Star +90 462 455 00 00 Radisson Blu Hotel Trabzon 5 Star +90 462 261 66 66 https://www.radissonhotels.
1 – Where can I get local delicacies?Local delicacies are available in restaurants and cafes around Trabzon.
Trabzon has become easily accessible thanks to the newly built motorway and the airport is in service as well. Furthermore the city center has an advanced transportation network. The Trabzon Airport is the largest airport of the Black Sea region that receives mutual flights and shortens the distances between many cities every day. The shuttles and taxis stationed outside the exit gates take their passengers to their destination in the shortest time possible.
The History of Trabzon
 The oldest source providing information about the city of Trabzon and the surrounding area is Xenophon's “Anabasis”.
Trabzon was founded in 2000 BC. Its founders are not known; however, it is said that they were the Turkish Tribes came from Middle Asia over Caucasus. There are some saying about the name of the city is first cited in the book “Anabasis” by Xenophon as “Trapezus”.
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