St. Sabbas Chapel
Built on rocks on the northern slopes of Boztepe overlooking the Old Christian Cemetery, the history of the St. Sabbas Chapel dates back to the 13th-15th centuries.Access to the chapel that is a two-storey structure consisting of three chapels carved into the rock, was provided by natural stairs carved into the rock.According to Anthony Bryer and David Winfield, writers of The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of The Pontos, Kings of Trabzon named III.
Manglavita Chapel
Manglavita Chapel consists of a chapel carved in a rock, a demolished wall chapel and a grave built on a high and rocky area in Toklu Quarter of Trabzon.
دير كشطول
يعرف الدير باسم بيريستيري حيث تم تأسيس في أواسط القرن 8 بجوار قرية شمشير في ماتشكا ليتم تطويره فيما بعد. إستطاعت أسس الدير فقط الوصول إلى يومنا الحالي.
كنيسة سانتا ماريا
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