Zağnospaşa Bridge links the Zindan Gate with the İmaret Gate. It has two arches, one on top of the other. Roman and Byzantine work manship is observed on piers of the bridge. Historic records mention about the existence of a wooden drawbridge on the site of this bridge. Researchers reveal that the bridge consists of 4 construction layers. It was also repaired again aſter the repair of Zağnos Pasha in the 15th century.
It differs architecturally from the other archedbridges in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The most important differences are its stone columns set on rocky surface, wooden body and tiled roof which give its originality. In old times, the buildings were substantially wooden. Hapsiyaş Bridge which is one of the most favourable works of art in the city, is also built that way.
Zağnos Bastion was built of hewn stone with a quadrangular plan in time of Alexios the 2nd. It was used as a dungeon for a while.
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