TAXI FARE TARIFF OF INNER CITY AND AIRPORT TAXIS   CLASS OF SERVICE ADMINISTERED PRICE (VAT Included) Start 3.00 TRY Distance Fare / km 3.00 TRY Waiting Fare / hour 45.00 TRY Waiting Fare / minute 0,75 TRY Unit Distance 100 m   STANDARDS TO BE APPLIED Above mentioned fares are indicating maximum administered prices. This tariff is valid in provincial borders of Trabzon.
Trabzon's Cuisine
Traditional cuisine in the city is quite rich, and the anchovy forms the basic for many of the dishes peculiar to the region. Soups, salads, pilafs and even desserts are made of anchovy.
1 – Where can I get local delicacies?Local delicacies are available in restaurants and cafes around Trabzon. We highly recommend you to visit Akçaabat district to eat Akçaabat Köftesi and fresh fish varieties. You can visit our modest restaurants for kuymak, lahana sarması, hamsikuşu, kaygana and other delicacies. 2 – Where can I have a swim?   Trabzon is home to many districts having a coast to the Black Sea.
Traditional Life and Handicrafts in Trabzon
Being open towards other cultures and religions plays a significant role in life styles of people of Trabzo.
The History of Trabzon
 The oldest source providing information about the city of Trabzon and the surrounding area is Xenophon's “Anabasis”. In this work Xenophon describes how, after the death of his father, Dareios, Ataxerxes II rebelled against his brother, who was then emperor of Persia. He set out with an army of mercenaries from Sardes (Salihli) and encountered the army of the emperor at Kunaksa, near the Babylon of Kyros, governor of Western Anatolia.
Trabzon was founded in 2000 BC. Its founders are not known; however, it is said that they were the Turkish Tribes came from Middle Asia over Caucasus.
Accommodation Facilities
  Facility Name *  Address Telephone Web Site 1 Zorlu Grand Otel 5 Yıldız Maraş Caddesi No:90 / Trabzon +90 462 326 84 00 2 Ramada Plaza Trabzon Hotel & Spa 5 Yıldız Yalıncak Mah. Rize Cad. No:23 Ortahisar / Trabzon +90 462 335 30 30 3 Park Dedeman 4 Yıldız Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, İncirlik Cd. No:19, 61290 Kaşüstü, Yomra / Trabzon +90 462 888 46 66 www.dedeman.
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